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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Astrology, astro GPT chat and AI Astrology


1. What is Ai Astrology?

Our Ai astrology Jeffrey Celavie is the concept of an AI-powered astrology chatbot that combines the wisdom of three astrological traditions – Vedic, Western, and Chinese astrology. It utilizes data from the NASA space program and considers the significant life nodes to provide accurate and personalized astrology predictions.


2. Why do you believe in Astrology? It’s not an exact science.

A: It’s okay if you think astrology is not an exact science. Consider art, poetry, or listening to music—they may not be exact either, but their words can inspire, comfort, and guide. Astrology, even if not exact, can still hold significance and provide insights that can be meaningful


3. How do planets influence us, and what’s their relation to our future?

A: Consider this: the moon affects the female cycle, which in turn influences mood, actions, and their ensuing consequences. This cycle has even shaped our understanding of time and our calendar. We are made of celestial particles that interact with the movements of other celestial bodies, like planets. Isn’t it awe-inspiring that the Sun’s energy reaches us from millions of miles away? Prominent figures like Einstein have even said that time doesn’t exist as we consciously perceive it. So, in our approach, we focus not on linear time but on life’s cycles and nodes.


4. What are nods?

A: The robot calculates the positions of the planets in time and identifies significant nods or tension points. According to the three main astrology books, considering the uniqueness of your astral behavior, it determines what to watch out for in order to achieve a better version of your life. It’s a semi-deterministic way of thinking. We could delve into this topic for hours, and we will! But for now, know that you have access to a free, precise astrological calculation that was not possible before the power of AI processing.


5. Can I get a free horoscope based on my date of birth?

Absolutely! By providing your date of birth, Astro Chat GPT generates a personalized horoscope that reflects the planetary positions at the time of your birth. This free horoscope offers valuable insights into your personality traits, strengths, challenges, and future possibilities based on the alignment of celestial bodies.


7. Is JC available for free astrology online?

Yes, Astro Chat GPT offers free astrology services online. And it will stay like this. Later there will be more premium access to incredible services. But we love to help you and it will continue so!


8. What about your project?

A: We are continuously developing more complex calculations to provide more detailed “possible astral maps” and exercises to help with self-development. Exciting things are coming to enhance AI-assisted self-improvement. It’s a new era unfolding, so stay tuned via email or our social channels to be among the first to try it.

We are currently studying from numerous books to deliver yearly, monthly, and daily astrological maps for free. Once we are confident in our methodology, we will explain and demonstrate how we achieved our results.


9. What do you mean by “same life but better”?

A: When people turn to astrology, they often want insights into their future, especially in areas that cause frustration or uncertainty, such as love, career, and financial matters. We all have fears of failure or success. AI astrology and the accompanying exercises offer an opportunity to understand oneself and one’s interaction with time, space, materials, and energies. By becoming more aware, we can better navigate the nods of life, just as a hero overcomes challenges and evolves in various aspects of life, such as money, career, or love.

Our goal is to make self-improvement and well-being more accessible to everyone. We are committed to finding innovative ways to empower individuals on their journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

10: Why can’t I access Jeffrey Celavie right now?

A: We’ve temporarily taken the website offline to make some important updates. The demand was so overwhelming that we want to ensure we can provide an exceptional experience to all our users.

11: When will the site be back up?

A: We’re working tirelessly to get the platform back online as soon as possible. Stay tuned for exciting updates!